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I got prompted on tumblr (by someone D: I forgot their username!) to write something based off of seasons, or a season. I chose to write something based on Harvest, and was sort of inspired by ancient scandinavian/european tribes.

This is totally unfinished, but I've not touched it in days so I think at this point it probably won't /get/ finished either.

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pokethetriforce asked: KuroFai prompt: AU where Kurogane brings Fai home to meet his parents. He’s nervous but trying not to let it show because he thinks Fai will also be nervous and he wants to be supportive.

Author's notes: I deviated a bit from Kurogane being outwardly nervous but that’s just how it happened; I blame him.

Title: Trial By Fire
Words: ~1000
Rating: PG-13
Description: Fai is shy and Kurogane's dad is really embarrassing.

Getting Fai to willingly come meet Kurogane’s parents had been a challenge in and of itself. Fai wasn’t the most confident of people - sure, he could fake it, but it all eventually boiled down to the fact that he had been raised not by people but by books - and he could be a slippery bastard when he wanted to be.

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Title: Prompt #167
Words: ~800
Warnings: Suitable for pretty much anyone, apart from one f-bomb courtesy of Fai leering at Kurogane's arms
Characters [Pairing]:
 [Fai, Kurogane]
Prompt: (The first sentence of the fic, as below)

[x-posted to hufflebean on tumblr and probably cranialgames on AO3 if I get around to it]

If the incessant noise from the flat next door didn't stop soon, Fai would have to do something drastic.

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 Continues directly after the previous one

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 I wrote this last night, after looking at all of the jordemy things I could find. Set post-comic.

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Based off of this comic which is awesome which has characters from this fancomic which is also awesome and heartbreaking, both of which are by this person who just sdflkjgasdfl;.

Summary: Two days in the life of Cynthia's inbox.
I've dated it based on the day that Chapter 2 Page 1 was uploaded.
I wrote this as basically just a character exploration, I plan on writing more TWIYEH stuff if I don't write some CV stuff first.

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 So this is just an amalgamation of things that I am playing with in my mind right now

"Three times Sherlock met Fai and one time John did."
Fandoms: BBC Sherlock, Tsubasa, Doctor Who
Characters by appearance: Sherlock Holmes, D.I. Lestrade, Fai D Flourite, Mrs. Hudson, Mokona Soel, the 10th Doctor (maybe), John Watson, Kurogane (mentioned)
Pairings: Implied JohnLock and established KuroFai
Time range (sherlock/tsubasa): 1. pre-John/pre-Jade country. 2. during ASiB/after Tokyo. 3. after Baskerville/post-series. 4. after Reichenbach/post-series.

"The Beckoning Bakeneko"
Fandom: Tsubasa, AU
Pairings: KuroFai, SyaoSaku,
Warnings: Character murder,
Will be an alternate, much longer version of Maneki Neko with more characters and more development and a different conclusion

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This story is sort of gruesome but I don't think it's bad enough to be tagged as such... if there are disagreements I'll happily change it.

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Feb. 28th, 2012 10:56 pm
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For some reason, this was never posted to my LJ. Or, at least, I did not add it to the archive list.

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Notes: The original version of this had Swedish in, but I've forgotten why I thought that was important at the time of writing so I have taken it out of this version.

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