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 Continues directly after the previous one

“Hey,” Jeremy mumbled sleepily, the word drawn out and sounding more like a yawn than any intelligible utterance. It was gone midday now, and neither of them had actually been able to fall asleep for longer than a few moments before a bang from the engine or flashes of nightmares jerked them awake.
“’mm?” Spy hummed in reply, his breath steaming momentarily across the window where his face was smushed against it. (He was so tired that he didn’t have the energy to stop his head from lolling around against the head restraint, and chose to instead lean against the window to prevent motion-sickness).
Jeremy paused, if only to remember how to make words come from his mouth, and blinked slowly. Somewhere in his mind he registered some dislike for lethargy, but the thought was fleeting.
“I don’t know your name,” Jeremy said finally, and Spy opened his eyes and lifted his head heavily away from the window to look down at him.
“Oh,” Spy remarked, sounding a little more awake now that there were consequential thoughts to focus on, “it's Jordi. Bertrand.”
Jeremy frowned absently and studied Spy’s – Jordi’s – face. 
“That’s so… European.” Jeremy commented, not criticising but simply speaking like a man who was too exhausted to filter his thoughts.
Jordi snorted, “You expected differently?”
“No, I guess not…” he shrugged the shoulder that wasn’t pressed firmly against Jordi’s side, his eyes closing as his brain finally began to quiet down, “’M Jeremy,” 
There was another, smaller, calm pause, and Jeremy felt cool fingers brush soothingly above his ear.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," Jordi murmured, quietly so as not to rouse him. He might have kissed Jeremy's forehead at this point, but Jeremy was already drifting off again and couldn't be sure if he had imagined it, "go back to sleep."

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