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 I wrote this last night, after looking at all of the jordemy things I could find. Set post-comic.

Things calmed down quite quickly when the bus was finally moving. It was old and rickety and there was an odd chugging noise when the brakes were used, but it worked, and this was more than any of them had dared to hope for.

It took until precisely three minutes after he sat down - on the aisle so that he could stretch his leg out - before Jeremy's exhaustion washed fully over him. 

He was keenly aware of the weight of his own body against the seat and the itch of its carpet covering on the back of his neck, but it was far more comfortable than the camper van had been, which pleased him. (There was less of a gap between him and the Spy than there had been in the van too, which pleased him more).

The rising sun cast sharp glares of light through the inside of the bus and Jeremy turned away from it, choosing to instead rest his cheek on Spy's shoulder and watch the desert go past. Spy shifted a little and Jeremy jerked his head back, looking up at him worriedly. He didn't know if it was the light, but Spy looked raggedly tired.

"Sorry, was that not-" Jeremy started, trailing off when Spy smiled and lifted the arm Jeremy had been leaning against. Jeremy felt his ears get hot and he settled again against Spy's side, his heart hammering when he felt Spy's arm wrap around him.

This was much more comfortable. 

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